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1. Was there a Slappey I?

Why yes, there was. Named for a title that jumped clear across the room of a used bookstore, Slappey I was a Hunter 23 who lived on a Lake in Austin, Texas.

2. Why dockside adventures; don’t you ever go anywhere in that thing?

We have, and we will. Though since moving aboard full time last Summer, we actually haven’t left the dock since Labor Day!

3. Moving aboard full time? You actually live on your boat?

Indeed. In that we join many others in the region, at our marina, and even on our very dock. More about that to follow.

4. Are you planning some great adventure?

We have a plan with a loose time-line. We’d like to join the family of cruising sailors who, at any given time, are travelling the world in their floating “airstreams.” We don’t really have the resume for such a thing, but then you sail the world with the skills you have,while attempting to gain the skills you want, or something like that.

5. Slaphappy defined:

Dazed, silly or incoherent from, or as if from blows to the head. Punch-drunk. Term used to describe one’s mood when sleep-deprived. Well, this can result from sitting up too quickly while in the V-Berth, that I can tell you! It could also describe what many people think about us when they hear what we’re planning to do.

6. Have you done any modifications to the boat?

Oh, have we ever! In due time, John will begin to catalog them all in a detailed photographic journal, and I’m sure he can’t wait.

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