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We’re a couple of not-quite-retired folks who have reordered our lives toward acquiring and learning to sail an ocean-worthy boat, so that we can take a big, fat sabbatical and see the world( or part of it,) from the water. Our boat is a 1987 vintage Pacific Seacraft 34, with a pedigree. She (or he, I can’t really tell,) has already been throughout the South Pacific, and on to Australia. Where we’ll go nobody knows, but we’ve got our sights set on some place warmer than Seattle.

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  1. Mary, this is so cool! your Chicago cousin

  2. Oh, the terrible things I could say about the John part of this couple — coming from the perfectly reliable source of his Little Sister. I’ll try to hold my tongue, lest I be blocked from this blog. But, hey! If you’re going to launch into a sob story about placing your aging cats in a good home, you could AT LEAST mention that you had already foisted off the most ridiculous cat to ever disgrace cat fur on ME, some seven years ago. He was actually a source of great amusement — my other cats thought he was their pet — and we are sorry he has not survived to see you guys one last time. However terrible of sailors Maisie and Sir Edmund are, I am positive BooBoo would have been worse.

  3. John and Mary,
    I am thoroughly enjoying your blog. Of course, sailing the open seas is something I would expect a Fogarty to do. Although I know you’re sharing the mainly pleasant aspects of your adventure, I’m sure it’s not always fun and games…but it sure looks that way! Please continue to keep in touch with the Pill side of the family. Bob’s in Nashua, NH, while Mark is in Granbury, TX. Mike and I are still in the same house you visited us at, so many years ago, in Sunnyvale, TX. Please give Susan, Patricia and the rest of the cousins my love, and keep us in mind if you ever decide to visit Texas again. Happy thoughts and much love, Kathy

  4. John
    The pics of Mexico are great. I enjoyed looking through them. The boat looks super, I have a friend with a sail boat, I have been out with him a couple of times. Sailing will keep you in shape, remember round is a shape. So much for the humor, it is a lot of work.

    I am trying not to retire but haven’t found work for the last two years. May be I am kidding myself. JoAnn and I have built a house in River Oaks which is completely surrounded by Fort Worth. We call it “Maybuerry”, not to take anything away from Andy Griffes.

    I will check-in from time to time to see how your adventure is stacking up. I am sure it will be great.

    Have a great day. : )
    Jim Gordon

  5. Hey John and Mary, Where are you guys? Still in drydock, I hope. Patricia is bearing down tonight somewhere near you guys. Hope all is well. Check in when you can, please.

  6. Rick Greyson s/v Fais Do Do

    Hi Guys! Email me (or send me contact info) and I’ll fill you in on my dealings with Raven.

  7. Mary, thanks for keeping your adventures up-to-date…I so enjoy them! If y’all get up to the Northeast this summer, please let Brother/Cousin Bob know. I can send you his email if you want. Take care and God bless, Kathy


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