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For anyone still clamoring for an update on our travels, it has come to pass that the Slappey has found a new owner. The closing papers were signed, the funds disbursed, and the keys handed over almost 10 years after after we had done the same in reverse. Neither day could be called the happiest of my life; the day we bought him I was a nervous wreck, and the day we sold him, I was both thrilled and melancholy….and a nervous wreck. John felt the same, minus the nervous wreck part. I still find myself watching for menacing tropical weather that might come near the boat, even though it is hauled out of the water for the Winter already, and I don’t own it any more.

For anyone contemplating selling a liveaboard sailboat, know that it will constitute a full-time job for a couple of months beforehand….maybe longer. Also plan for the disgorgement of about 2,427 pounds of STUFF. And if you’re married to someone like John, you will have to keep most of it.  As luck would have it, my sister and her family in northern Virginia graciously offered to host us as lodgers from about the middle of September, and she had a big house in which to hold STUFF.

After the sale went through, to a nice couple from Maine, we continued to lodge in our temporary digs, walking a handsome Springer Spaniel, feeding a couple of cats (which pleased John no end,) and taking in the sights of DC on occasion, and the suburbs of northern Virginia. John also started a long and time-consuming job search, which kept him from completing his grand book project on his chosen schedule. Drat.

After lots of time as temporary lodgers, we finally packed it all up, sold our hastily acquired Craigslist VW, sent about 22 boxes via UPS to our trusty storage space in Everett, flew ourselves across the Country and moved into a temporary rental in Kirkland. Looking back to a year ago, I cannot believe we were sitting in an anchorage in Cape Coral, Florida, with all of this still ahead of us. For a couple of wimpy cruisers who didn’t manage to cross a real ocean, we have still covered a lot of water, and seen a lot of the US coast.  Now that we’re back up here, and boatless, it is a tad melancholy to look out across the water and remember when we were floating around these same locations, dreaming of sun and heat. But to be clear….sun and heat are not all they’re cracked up to be.

So long Slappey II


Thus concludes the log of the smallish sailing vessel Slappey II, and here’s hoping it was at least entertaining for the few who followed along.


John and Mary,

Kirkland, WA