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We’re back to latitude 38!

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….even if on the other side of the country. There are tall trees here, and hills. Since getting back to the US over a year ago, we’ve scarcely seen these things. Slappey got into Virginia before the end of June, and is now tied snugly to a dock on Solomon’s Island, Maryland. Last posting, I believe we still had some of North Carolina to get through. We managed to do that with minimal effort. I wouldn’t say much for the anchorages we found on the way North; seems for the N. Carolina portion of the ICW, you get either convenience or protection, but not both. After leaving Southport, we stopped for a time in Beaufort (the other one,)Belhaven, and Coinjock. We got across Pamlico Sound with just a little bit of choppy nastiness, but that Albemarle Sound was a pain, with steep and sloppy square waves on our beam, rolling us all over again. And that was predicted to be the GOOD day to cross.

On the way north from North Carolina, there are usually two choices of getting up to Norfolk, VA. I had always planned to do the Dismal Swamp route because, how could I not, with a name like that? The Dismal was still closed, though, from damage by hurricane Matthew last Fall, so we had to go through Coinjock instead, and around the Great Bridge way. This worked out well, as we got a car for a few days in Coinjock, which was very close to the Outer Banks, and Kitty Hawk. Once in Norfolk, you have reached Mile Marker Zero of the ICW, and it’s then onward into the Chesapeake Bay. So where to from here? Not too much further; Annapolis is a long day away, though we’re undecided on our actual end destination. The rest of the Summer will be spent here in Solomons, where John can work on his project, I can rehab a bum knee, and we both can ready the Slappey for his next grateful owner, whoever that may be.

Camp LeJuene; thankfully…nothing going on the day we passed through.

I see we took almost no photos of Beaufort…too bad, it was very picturesque


there was a big-money fishing tournament going on here at the time


from an anchorage on the way to Belhaven, NC

The long dock at Belhaven Marina

Belhaven is tiny, but friendly

We stayed a week in Belhaven, waiting out some nasty weather

A friendly little library where John got some work done.

Once a crabbing center, now crabbing is still done, but I don’t think anyone actually makes much of a living from it

The best part about staying a week at Coinjock…Swallows!

We got our car from Elizabeth City, close to the start of the Dismal Swamp, so got a quick visit in

We would like to have taken the Slappey through here

On the dock at Coinjock. Other than a stop on the ICW, complete with restaurant famous for prime rib, Coinjock does not amount to much.

Kitty Hawk

Neither of us had ever been to Kitty Hawk until this visit. If you look at the state of our Country now, and practically weep, just come here, and be reminded who we are.

Currituck Beach lighthouse, Outer Banks NC

And view from same

An Outer Banks beach, I believe in Corolla; weather is coming!

These proud castle builders did not shrink from weather

Manteo, NC

Manteo was known for pirates, and the Lost Colony of Roanoke

Oyster shells are recycled around here

remnants of Low Country marsh grass around here

Built in the 80’s, this reproduction can sail

We saw more dragonflies on this part of the trip than I have ever seen

The Great Bridge bridge. We entered Virginia on this day, late in June.

The Elizabeth River into Norfolk was very industrial

In Norfolk, getting around by ferry

old Portsmouth, across the river from Norfolk, notable for an excellent German restaurant

We kept the boat in Portsmouth, walking distance to old town, which is why I could eat at the German restaurant 3 times that week.

and also why I have so many photos of Portsmouth and few of Norfolk

here are some in Norfolk; this is the very nice Chrysler Museum of Art

Mile Marker 0, start (or finish) of the Atlantic ICW

peaceful anchorage off of the York River, VA

but here it comes!

We got to sail when we left Norfolk!

anchored behind Deltaville, VA

entering Solomons, MD