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….it’s still here. You may recall we spent a couple of nice Summer weeks here, not counting the training hurricane we weathered. It  was an exciting sail over from San Carlos last week, in a good bit of wind and sloppy, crashing seas. Not the usual for the Slappey, as you know. At one point, I took a big wave square in the face while out in the cockpit. Eyes, nose, mouth, ears, I swallowed the whole enchilada. It isn’t often we see over 7 knots of speed. Since picking up our mooring ball on a calm day, the screaming northers have picked back up, and we’ve been sequestered on the boat for the last 4 days. The howling winds, the banging halyards, and the Slappey, sailing up to his mooring and then spinning like a top..over, and over, and over; this has been our lot. I was made nearly apoplectic by it all. Then, we finally got a spot of internet on the boat again today. It is weak and intermittent, but it will save me from another 200 games of computer solitaire.  Also, the ‘jokes and trivia’ category of the morning cruisers net has thankfully run out of tidbits by Phyllis Diller. I have this to be grateful for. Tomorrow should really calm down, and we’ll head out to another little island next door for the weekend. We’ll be back in by Monday, though, as I gave up trying to get to LaPaz by Christmas, and decided we would spend it in Loreto. After Christmas, surely this weather pattern will calm down and let us get to LaPaz in peace. Merry Christmas from the crew of the Slappey II!

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  1. Merry Christmas ya’ll!!

  2. Merry Christmas & Happy New Year all, stay safe, Seaspirit is heading to Victoria for the holidays


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