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Monthly Archives: May 2015

Log of the Slappey-Sea of Cortez #1

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We left La Paz on 5/17, and travelled all of about 7 nm to the little bay called Caleta Lobos. Here, we merely dropped the hook and proceeded to get back into the routine of being at anchor for a couple of days. Winds kicked up the first night, and I was leery of another Coromuel, but it wasn’t as bad as our night in Puerto Balandra. Still….tons of noise and not too much peaceful sleep.  While learning to use a new plastic ‘compost’ bucket on board, I spilled a tub of raw eggs all over the cockpit sole. John had just lived through having to clean up HIS spill of coffee grounds all over the floor, so I had to do something to top it. I’d like to know how long it takes to stop banging into things, stubbing toes, and spilling containers while living on a boat. We’ve spent nearly 4 full years onboard by this point, and it’s still happening.  I’m continuing to worry about food management.  I’m attempting to store several fruits and vegetables out of the fridge. We shall see how well it works.  It means frequent monitoring of the condition of things. I try to first use what is easy to replace in this part of the sea, unless something else starts to rot, in which case we eat THAT first. As was said on the famous ship, ‘Tumbleweed,’ “You don’t get to eat what you want to eat on the Tumbleweed… get to eat what’s fixin’ to go BAD.” Not much else to do here in Caleta Lobos without a fast dinghy to get out to the little outcroppings for a snorkle or a dive. We don’t even have the PortaSlappey down from the deck yet, only one of our inflatable kayaks. I paddled around looking for fish the second day out, and saw only a few Sergeant Majors and one or two King Angelfish. There were actually more fish in the marina in La Paz than I managed to find here. I could see really well, however, as the water is so clear, I can see the bottom. Plus, we heard sea lions for the first time since California. Really….there are no seals or sea lions on the mainland coast of Mexico.  John dove under the boat to change a zinc, and take a closer look at the condition of the bottom. I am especially  thankful that he can do those things simply free-diving, without even a hookah. This means we don’t have to store yet another tool on the boat…..all the more room for food.

A quick trip back to the States…..

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…..and we’ve got another 180 days on our visas till the next one. As we were in La Paz, we decided to fly to San Diego from Cabo. The flight itself was fast, but it took all day as we had to bus it to Cabo from here, which is about 3+ hours. It is a lovely trip, though, winding around the mountains on the East side, or glimpsing the Pacific from the West side. Here’s a tip, though: Spirit Air….just don’t. Ever. Who knew? Customs at the border was easy, even though we got the red light in Mexico. The officials don’t really want to do any paperwork, so they work hard to avoid it. I could have brought many more Trader Joe’s treats than I managed to carry. Dang!

Back at the boat, and we’re hard at work on last-minute provisioning. I’m somewhat paranoid about having enough food on board, as there are not many places to resupply along the way, at least with the more unusual (Gringo-esque) kinds of stuff. I’ve never excelled at long-term food planning and buying, preferring instead to take it a few days at a time. This won’t do around here, so we continue to shop, and fill nooks and crannies with whatever I think may come in handy. The waterline is starting to disappear about now.

We plan to head out of here this weekend, with updates to come as connections allow.