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The ‘Goodbye Puget Sound’ tour has commenced….

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…and has so far taken us to Penn Cove, through the Swinomish Channel to La Conner, and on up to Anacortes, where we have stayed lazily at anchor or dock, mostly dock. This makes us a bit different than many who venture forth from the PNW to go long-distance cruising, if blogs are anything to go by. It seems most people barrel out the Strait and hang a left, some time in late August or September, or else they go up to Canada and Alaska first, fishing, crabbing, and bear hunting, or some such wild adventure, before heading South. We’re just dock-hopping, sleeping, reading, and walking around the little towns..checking out museums we’ve missed before, restaurants we haven’t visited yet, etc. It has taken me about the last 10 days to calm down and begin to really enjoy it. Warmer, sunny days may have played a part, plus I had two glasses of wine tonight, after which I concluded that I haven’t been drinking nearly enough yet. Here are a few photos of the last 10 days. We keep repeating a phrase, stolen from another blog, “We live here now.” Just as well, really, as I’ve always wanted to live in Coupeville, or La Conner, or Anacortes. 2014-06-07 17.04.15

At the dock in Everett, for our farewell dock party; dressed up to travel!

2014-06-11 18.14.43

Our first anchorage, in Penn Cove; cool, rainy at times, and breezy

2014-06-12 10.08.00

Very low tide at Coupeville

2014-06-12 10.19.44

The first of many flower shots; these little towns are just covered in them.

2014-06-17 15.09.58

Tricky Swinomish Channel  in La Conner; we saw trouble (strong currents!)  but had none ourselves.

2014-06-17 15.26.53

Another pretty view of the Channel

2014-06-17 15.30.44

Flowers in La Conner

2014-06-17 15.40.55

And more flowers

2014-06-17 15.45.35

Curious sign in La Conner; we saw no cats here, or otters

2014-06-17 16.19.17

Yikes! We got back to the dock to find this looming over us. It is a modern day snag boat, it runs around and picks up the logs, stumps, and other barriers to navigation in the rivers and the Sound

2014-06-19 08.44.18

A view of the Slappey going through the north end of the Channel to Anacortes; something we’ve never done before

2014-06-20 08.45.54

As sleepy as La Conner was, Cap Sante Marina in Anacortes is BUSY

2014-06-20 08.46.03

Flower shot of Cap Sante’s office

2014-06-20 08.46.13

Lots of boats here in Anacortes, with lots for sale, too

2014-06-20 09.20.20

Mural on a building along the waterside walkway

2014-06-21 13.18.46

A view of Cap Sante, looking down at the marina

So the day has come….

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…..after all the blood, toil and melt-downs. We untie from the Everett dock for the last time later today, and head out for new horizons (not totally new just yet, we’re only going to the San Juan’s.) After some shake-down and cool-off weeks, we’ll be going out the Straight to the big water and the decreasing latitudes. Wish us an especially benign weather window, and a lot of luck! So long, Port of Everett (with it’s wide docks, private bathrooms, and steady shore power.) We’ll surely miss you as time goes by.